Donald, Nix getting used to new positions

Donald, Nix getting used to new positions

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Indians essentially had two guys playing out of position in Tuesday night's lineup, but both guys are going to have to get used to it.

With Asdrubal Cabrera back, Jason Donald is now a second baseman by trade. While with Triple-A Columbus the first six weeks of the season, Donald received a healthy dose of second, but that was his first extended exposure to the position. And Cabrera's injury, which prompted Donald's promotion to the bigs, placed Donald back at the position where he's more comfortable.

But Cabrera is locked in, and Donald will have to make the adjustment. His arm might be better-suited to second base, anyway.

"It's a lot shorter throw," he said. "I have time to just knock it down, if I need to."

Donald said the double-play pivot is the most difficult adjustment.

"If I get it, I get hit," he said. "It's part of the game. I can't be afraid of the contact."

The other guy out of position Tuesday was Jayson Nix, who was slotted into left field. Nix had only played one game in right field with the White Sox earlier this year. He's played just nine career games in the outfield.

But now that Nix, who had become the regular second baseman before Cabrera's return, is slotting into more of a utility role, he, too, will have to adjust.

"It's fine," Nix said. "They asked me if I could play out there, and I told them I could. It's no big deal at all."