Sizemore could be ready to play by weekend

Sizemore could be ready to play by weekend

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Grady Sizemore could make his Spring Training game debut as early as this coming weekend. But the Indians are still not sure how long it might take before the center fielder will be able to handle a full workload.

"With Grady," Indians general manager Chris Antonetti said, "we'll have to see how well he progresses, how well his body responds, and how quickly he's able to build up to that volume.

"I don't think it will be very long until he can go play one nine-inning game. It's a question of how long will it take for him to play five or six consecutive nine-inning games."

Sizemore, 28, is currently recovering from microfracture surgery he had performed on his left knee in June. On Sunday, Sizemore ran the bases for the first time since the operation. He indicated that he hopes to test his knee in a game as early as Saturday or Sunday, or by early next week at the latest.

If Cleveland opts to open the season with Sizemore on the disabled list, Antonetti said the club will likely wait to activate him until it's clear he can handle multiple games per week.

"We want to activate him when he's ready to contribute on a consistent basis," Antonetti said. "Now, exactly how many days a week that will be, I'm not quite sure. But I don't think anyone is looking for Grady to come up and play one or two days a week."