Sizemore continues to make strides

Sizemore continues to make strides

Sizemore continues to make strides
GLENDALE, Ariz. -- When Grady Sizemore pulled a pitch down the right-field line in the fifth-inning of Saturday's 8-5 loss to the Giants, Indians manager Manny Acta ran up to the dugout railing to watch the center fielder run.

Sizemore legged out a double with ease, sprinting around through first base and pulling up into second without any issues. As far as Acta could tell, Sizemore -- making his way back from microfracture surgery on his left knee -- looked like the player everyone is accustomed to seeing.

"I got up from my seat," Acta said. "[I wanted] to see how he was going to turn it up after he hit first base. He looked pretty normal to me."

The five-inning stint in center field went well as far as Acta was concerned, too. The manager was also pleased to see Sizemore show no reluctance when a diving attempt was needed on a fly ball sent to shallow center in the fifth.

"He did all that without any hesitation," Acta said. "I didn't think he was going to dive at first for that ball, but he did."

There is still no established timetable for Sizemore's return. His next step will likely be playing six or seven innings in a game on Monday. One thing Acta does know is that Sizemore -- headed to the disabled list to open the season -- could be coming to Cleveland soon if he continues to make strong progress.

"It's amazing -- modern medicine," Acta said. "When we got to Spring Training, this guy wasn't even jogging yet. What I've seen him go through over the last five or six weeks, and he's already playing in games, five innings, hitting against Major League pitchers, running the bases, sliding, diving, you name it. He's really worked hard."