Acta not concerned with Perez's velocity

Acta not concerned with Perez's velocity

KANSAS CITY -- It's the results that count, not the radar gun.

For those wondering if Indians closer Chris Perez has had a drop in velocity, manager Manny Acta merely points to the fact that Perez is 10-of-11 in save opportunities coming into a two-game set with the Royals on Monday.

"I'm pretty happy with that," Acta said. "How hard did [former Indians closer] Doug Jones throw when he saved the games over here? [Perez] is healthy and he's doing a nice job for us. I've seen him throw 94 or 95 [mph] in different games. As long as he gets the saves and he's healthy, I'm fine with it."

Acta added that as the warmer weather approaches, velocity figures around Major League Baseball will be on the rise.

"I don't have any concerns about Chris," Acta said.