Robertson meets Robertson in Cleveland

Rays infielder, Indians outfielder have the same name, have been mixed up for years

Robertson meets Robertson in Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- Daniel Robertson, meet Daniel Robertson.

They've been aware of each other for years now and have been involved in several odd mix-ups, but 31-year-old Indians outfielder Daniel Robertson and 23-year-old Rays shortstop Daniel Robertson finally met before Monday's game at Progressive Field.

The Robertsons have nearly crossed paths several times before, as they grew up less than 20 miles apart in Southern California. Because they lived so close -- the elder Robertson grew up in West Covina with the younger Robertson in Upland -- they've even been mistaken for each other.

"We've got some funny mix-ups in the last four or five years or so," Robertson, 23, said. "Even going back to when I was in high school, I'd order some bats, and they'd get shipped to him instead of me. It's real funny."

Friends and family of the Rays' Robertson told him sometimes they would be tracking his games online and a picture of the other Daniel Robertson would be showing. It also made finding his stats more difficult.

"Since he's been drafted, we've kind of been connected because they send me his baseball cards, and I'm sure he's gotten a couple of mine," Robertson, 31, said. "They sometimes send our checks to him. It tends to be quite the mix-up. "

When the Indians' Robertson's family took note of another area high schooler with their son's name -- the younger Robertson was drafted in the first round out of high school -- they actually made the trip to Upland High School to watch him play.

So what was the Indians' Robertson's impression of his younger doppelganger, now that they have finally met?

"He's the taller version, the little bit bigger version," Robertson, 31, said. "And a much younger version. He's a great kid."

Ben Weinrib is a reporter for based in Cleveland. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.