Earth's rumblings leave Masterson unfazed

Earth's rumblings leave Masterson unfazed

CLEVELAND -- As the press box at Progressive Field swayed, Justin Masterson remained unfazed.

"I was just out there pitching," Masterson said. "I've got a job to do."

The players on the field felt no effects of Tuesday's earthquake, which measured a magnitude of 5.8. Despite the quake's epicenter originating near Richmond, Va., the shock waves spread throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast.

The press box and upper deck at Progressive Field shook for about 30 seconds. Indians manager Manny Acta didn't even know an earthquake had occurred, when asked after a 7-5 win Tuesday afternoon if he felt the shaking.

"We just thought that it was our fans jumping up and down," Acta joked.

The Washington Nationals delayed opening the gates prior to their game on Tuesday night against the D-backs, as team officials checked the stadium for damage.