Acta ejected in first inning of finale

Acta ejected in first inning of finale

Acta ejected in first inning of finale
DETROIT -- Indians manager Manny Acta was ejected from Wednesday's 5-4 loss to Tigers at the conclusion of the top of the first inning. Conspiracy theorists might believe he planned the early exit.

Cleveland announced earlier on Wednesday that Tim Tolman, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease two springs ago, is stepping down as the team's bench coach at the end of the season. Acta's ejection put his long-time friend in charge in the dugout for his final game on the Indians' bench.

Acta insisted that he was not intentionally trying to be thrown out. The manager went on to say that he was still the one calling the shots throughout Wednesday's season finale.

"I would never make a mockery out of a baseball game," Acta said. "If I wanted Tolman to manage a game, I didn't have to get thrown out of the game. I would've just handed the lineup card to him and let him manage the game. He didn't manage the game. I managed the game from the tunnel.

"All I did was sit in the penalty box, that's it. I was just right underneath over there, watching the game from the batting cages and managing the ballgame. I know that a lot of people thought [I did it on purpose]. I was asked already during the game by some of my players. That wasn't the plan."

It was the second time this year that Acta was tossed from a game. He has six career ejections.

In the top of the first inning, shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera struck out swinging against Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello to end the frame. Immediately after the out, home-plate umpire Dan Bellino looked over at the Indians' dugout and motioned for Acta to leave the game.

After a brief argument near home plate, Acta left the field and retreated to the clubhouse.

"I was arguing a low pitch to Cabrera," Acta explained. "[Bellino] was looking into the dugout and I just said I was the one who said it. It just escalated from there and he threw me out of the game."

Acta was still not entirely clear on why exactly he was ejected, though.

"I don't know, lack of feel?" Acta said. "Tough guy from the new wave probably trying to make a name for himself. From what I've been hearing from my fellow managers, he's doing a pretty good job of it. That's all."

Tolman, 55, has served as a coach under Acta during the manager's time at the helm for both the Nationals and Indians. Tolman also was Acta's manager during their days in the Astros' Minor League system. Following this season, Tolman will transition into a role in Cleveland's baseball operations department.