Uniform changes to be unveiled Friday

Uniform changes to be unveiled Friday

CLEVELAND -- The Indians want to embrace a more vintage look when it comes to their uniforms, and the club plans on unveiling a few slight changes later this week. The alterations are not expected to be too drastic.

"These are not dramatic changes that we've made," said Kurt Schloss, the Indians' senior director of merchandising. "It's more about consistency."

Schloss declined to delve into the specific uniform changes that will be revealed on Friday, when the Indians will also be celebrating "Snopening Day," the kick-off for the club's Snow Days event at Progressive Field. Schloss would only say that the Tribe was trying to have its uniforms be consistent with other branding initiatives.

Last offseason, the Indians made a handful of minor changes that continued to embrace the block "C" logo and uniform scripting that matched. The changes that will be announced on Friday are likely to be along the same lines, though Cleveland's Chief Wahoo logo is also expected to be included.

Schloss said one key is trying to create consistency between the home and road uniforms, as well as with the alternate uniforms.

"You could look at these uniforms and almost say that they're more vintage looking and less retail looking jerseys," Schloss said. "It's more for that authentic fan that remembers the days when jerseys were sold based on how the jersey looked, not based on the retail demand. A benefit of this look is it sort of comes back to the heritage of the organization."