Acta delivers simple pregame speech to club

Acta delivers simple pregame speech to club

Acta delivers simple pregame speech to club
CLEVELAND -- Indians manager Manny Acta headed into the team's clubhouse during Wednesday's workout and did his annual rallying of the troops. The manager smirked when asked about the speech he delivered to his players.

"Not a speech," Acta said on Thursday. "I had a team meeting."

Acta said his message to Cleveland's players was simple.

"That whatever happened last year, it's in the past," Acta said. "That we need to continue to play good baseball and be consistent throughout the whole season and make sure that you work hard and prepare yourself. Hold your teammates accountable. Things like that. Nothing out of the ordinary. This group has been together for a while now. They know what we expect and what this city expects. Go get 'em."

Acta said there is a heightened level of confidence in the clubhouse heading into this season, adding it is a natural result of the steps the team has taken forward over the past few years.

"I think it comes with the experience," Acta said. "These guys, the so-called young guys, have now been up here for three years. They feel more like they belong up here. That being said, they know this game can be very humbling, so they have to go out there and give everything they got and prepare themselves.

"Talent alone is not going to win it. We know that we have to do a lot of things right still to be on top."