Acta not worried by Hannahan's early miscues

Acta not worried by Hannahan's early miscues

Acta not worried by Hannahan's early miscues
SEATTLE -- Indians manager Manny Acta is not worrying too much about the fact that third baseman Jack Hannahan has made an unusual amount of errors early on this season. As far as Acta is concerned, Hannahan's reputation as a strong defender remains intact.

"He's just making them all early," Acta said with a shrug. "It's not like now all of a sudden he's not going to be a good defensive player."

Hannahan, who is in his second season as Cleveland's Opening Day starting third baseman, had committed an uncharacteristic four errors through 23 total chances, entering Thursday's game in Seattle. The slick-fielding third baseman made five errors in 296 chances all of last season with his fifth and final miscue coming on July 8.

At the moment, Hannahan's fielding percentage is .826, which is far below his career average of .970 as a third baseman. A year ago, he posted a .983 fielding percentage, which led all American League third basemen. His fourth error of 2011 did not occur until June 15.

Indians third-base coach Steve Smith, who also oversees the team's infield instruction, blamed a series of tough plays and bad hops for Hannahan's early-season woes with the glove. Likewise, Hannahan said he was hardly concerned that these April gaffes were a sign of things to come throughout the course of the season.

"I'm fine," Hannahan said. "It's baseball. You're going to have errors. It's not like I'm trying to make them or anything. It's just about getting back into it. You can take a thousand ground balls in the offseason and in Spring Training, and you can get a couple bad hops here or there.

"The main thing is keeping that right mind-set of going out and playing good defense. It's important to stay mentally strong and not have it transfer over offensively."