Smith claims public police report false

Smith claims public police report false

CLEVELAND -- Joe Smith did not deny being involved in an off-day altercation when discussing the matter on Tuesday afternoon, but the Indians reliever claimed that the police report that has gone public is not entirely true.

"All I'm going to say is there's a story written about an inaccurate and fake report that was filed," Smith said. "Other than that, I've got no other comments."

According to a police report filed by the Put-in-Bay (Ohio) Police Department, Smith was involved in an altercation at the Roundhouse Bar on Monday while accompanied by Jack Laforce and Allie Laforce, who is a sports reporter for FOX 8 in Cleveland. Smith was reportedly denied entrance to the bar due to a lack of proper identification and then needed to be physically removed from the property by bar security.

There was an alleged scuffle outside the bar and officers later located Smith and Jack Laforce on a boat at a nearby dock. Smith and Laforce were then placed in "investigative detention" and handcuffed before being released with no charges filed, according to the police report. The police report also identified Allie Laforce as "Mr. Smith's girlfriend."

"That's my personal life," Smith said. "I don't think you all need to know any of that."

Indians manager Manny Acta said Smith informed him of what actually took place, adding that the pitcher had the manager's support.