Stitches removed, Marson good to go

Stitches removed, Marson good to go

CLEVELAND -- The Indians kept catcher Lou Marson out of the lineup for three days for fear a foul tip off his mask would knock loose the stitches in his mouth.

So to get him back behind the plate Friday night, they had Marson do the only logical thing: have the stitches removed.

"The stitches are out now and I should be good to go," Marson said. "It's still a little sore, but it's healing slowly. I should be fine."

Marson needed the three stitches after he was hit in the mouth by a Gavin Floyd curveball last Sunday in Chicago. Marson was also supposed to have a laser procedure on the team's off-day Thursday to remove some of the excess skin around the wound, but they pushed that back to a later date.

"They didn't do it just because I haven't healed yet," Marson said. "They're not going to do it until I heal."