Acta speaks with Asdrubal about late AB

Acta speaks with Asdrubal about late AB

CLEVELAND -- Asdrubal Cabrera knew he didn't get all of the ball in his at-bat in the ninth inning of Sunday's 9-5 loss to the Pirates.

Cabrera, who had committed three costly errors earlier in the game, jogged out of the box toward first base after turning on the ball to right field. When the ball went over the head of Pirates right fielder Jose Tabata and rolled to the wall, Cabrera made the turn and ran faster, but he was thrown out at second.

After the game, Cabrera said he expected the ball to be caught.

"I didn't hit that ball good," Cabrera said. "I thought he had a chance to catch that ball and I slowed down."

Indians manager Manny Acta didn't realize Cabrera hadn't run hard when he was watching the game, but he said he had a talk with Cabrera about the issue.

"I didn't notice that until watching videos later on," Acta said. "I spoke to him. We talked about it. Caby's a guy that, we don't make a lot of things public, but he plays through a lot of pain at times. We respect him for that, but I spoke to him about it."