Masterson's wife donates cookie proceeds to charity

Masterson's wife donates cookie proceeds to charity

Masterson's wife donates cookie proceeds to charity
DETROIT -- Justin Masterson was trying to find something positive in the aftermath of his disastrous outing against the Tigers on Friday night. So the Indians sinkerballer unexpectedly mentioned his wife's cookie business in the middle of his interview.

Masterson's wife, Meryl, recently made a decision to donate all of her past and future profits to charity. The pitcher felt it was worth mentioning, and he elaborated on his wife's plans prior to Saturday's game in Detroit.

"She's trying to impact more lives than just the people tasting the cookies," Masterson said. "She just decided that she wanted to use all the profits to help feed children in the Dominican. We go down there every offseason and help out."

The Mastersons have helped out with the group Mission of Mercy in the D.R., and they plan on looking into contributing to other missions' organizations down the road. Masterson's wife started "Meryl Masterson's Home Plate Cookies" a few years ago and has seen her business grow, especially through online sales at

"One day she worked all day and produced about 600 cookies," Masterson said. "She was working hard to get an order out. Usually, it's about four or five dozen a day or something like that. It depends on the week. She makes all kinds."

Asked if he helps out, Masterson laughed.

"I help put the website together and design it and take care of all that," Masterson said. "Maybe every once in a while I'll tie some ribbons on the cookies and stuff like that. And I do test them. Quality control. My favorite is butterscotch oatmeal."