Acta again picks right time to use squeeze play

Acta again picks right time to use squeeze play

CLEVELAND -- The Indians set aside some time each spring to work on squeeze bunts. It is a play that manager Manny Acta keeps in his back pocket and only uses when a variety of factors align just so.

All the practice has made Acta nearly perfect when he opts to put the play on.

"We put the time in in Spring Training working on it," Indians catcher Lou Marson said on Sunday morning. "It's nice when it pays off."

It paid off in the seventh inning of Saturday's 5-2 victory over the Red Sox. Marson pulled off a successful squeeze bunt, scoring Brent Lillibridge from third base for a critical insurance run that helped Cleveland to its third win in four games.

Marson was the runner who scored on the Tribe's last squeeze on July 24. In that 3-2 win over Detroit, it was outfielder Aaron Cunningham who used a perfectly executed bunt to plate the catcher for the go-ahead run.

In his time as Cleveland's manager, Acta has successfully converted six of the seven squeeze plays he has put in action.

"I feel like he puts them on in the right times," Marson said. "He has confidence that we're going to get the sign and get the bunt down."