Acta credits confidence for Carrera's turnaround

Acta credits confidence for Carrera's turnaround

OAKLAND -- Ezequiel Carrera is proof of how much difference a new attitude and a little experience can make.

The 25-year-old Indians outfielder is hitting .389 in 13 games since he was recalled a couple of weeks ago. When Carrera was in the Majors last year, he hit .243 in 68 games.

The difference?

"I think he is more relaxed this time around," Indians Manager Manny Acta said. "Last year when he was up here, he was not so secure, by himself, looking over his shoulder and thinking he was being evaluated game to game. This time he came up and he knew he was going to have a legit opportunity to get more playing time so he has been able to play better."

Carrera, who came to the Indians in the Russell Branyan trade two years ago, is a left-handed-swinging slap hitter. So far, he's played primarily against right-handed pitchers. The Indians sat him on Friday in favor of Jason Donald -- for just his second big league game in the outfield -- to get another right-handed bat in the lineup against A's left-hander Tommy Milone.

Still, Acta said that Carrera can work himself into playing against lefties.

"He's got the ability to do that," Acta said. "It's going to be up to him. He's going to get a chance. He's going to play a lot before the year is over."