Acta preaches patience for young team

Acta preaches patience for young team

MINNEAPOLIS -- The ineffectiveness of the Indians' offense hasn't frustrated manager Manny Acta.

Nothing in baseball frustrates him, in fact.

"Baseball disappoints me; it doesn't frustrate me," Acta said Thursday. "Violent people, negative people, sarcastic people, slow drivers in the left lane and disrespectful people frustrate me. Not baseball."

The Indians have given Acta plenty to be frustrated about, if he were so inclined. They entered the series finale against the Twins with the worst batting average (.215), slugging percentage (.334) and on-base percentage (.300) in the American League.

But Acta has expressed nothing but patience and belief in the bats.

"Patience plus self-control leads to success," Acta said. "You have to be patient, because you know things will balance out. Grady Sizemore won't hit .220 [for the season], Travis Hafner won't hit what he's hitting, six guys won't be hitting a buck-eighty. You have to be patient. It's part of coaching, especially when you're dealing with young people."

Not long after Acta uttered those words, the Indians rewarded his patience with a strong showing against Twins right-hander Scott Baker.